After releasing 5 puzzling teaser videos over the past 5 days, Rhett and Link announced their newly-renamed fourth channel, named ‘This Is Mythical,’ which will feature at least 3 new series from the internetainers’ production company, Mythical Entertainment.

Minimal information was provided, but based on the teaser video released online, “Good Mythical Crew” videos that were previously released on the Good Mythical Morning channel will now be released on the the This Is Mythical channel, with increased frequency of video releases.  Good Mythical Crew members Mike and Alex will get their own show entitled “Ten Feet Tall.” The “Ear Biscuits” podcast will be returning and continue to be distributed on iTunes and SoundCloud, but a video podcast will also be released, Rhett & Link said on YouTube. Also announced is “Mythical-icious,” which will feature food videos.

The teaser trailers for the original programming will be released this week and will be available to view starting March 27.

Rhett and Link’s popular morning talk show, Good Mythical Morning, has been a hit among the YouTube community, releasing 1,051 videos to date. The show began in its current form on January 9, 2012 as a follow-up their former talk show, “Good Morning, Chia Lincoln” which ended February 28, 2011 before the duo set off on their cross-country road trip.

This isn’t the first spin-off of the Good Mythical Morning series, previous shows included the 125-episode “The Hey Hey Show” hosted by Candace Carrizales and Shannon Coffey who are now at SourceFed and MTV’s Ladylike, respectively.

YouTube Red also offers a series from Mythical Entertainment, “Rhett & Link’s Buddy System,” which fans, affectionately referred to as Mythical Beasts, have apparently enjoyed based on online reception. Variety placed the YouTube Red series in the #1 in-demand show for digital originals, based on data from Parrot Analytics.


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