What’s New on Netflix in October 2017

Netflix is definitely keeping busy creating its own content, releasing 29 Netflix Original movies or series in October alone. Alongside the originals, Netflix will be streaming a large collection of new titles in October, including […]

Ellen Degeneres to Star in First Stand-up Comedy Special in 15 years

Ellen DeGeneres and Netflix have reportedly partnered up to produce a stand-up comedy special for the comedian, her first in 15 years.

What’s New on Netflix in August 2017

August is a relatively slow month for new releases on Netflix, but still features a few big titles, with the majority being released on the first of the month. The Matrix movie franchise is among […]

Anthony Padilla is Leaving Smosh

Anthony Padilla has announced on the Smosh YouTube Channel that he is leaving the comedy group he founded with his friend and collaborator Ian Hecox. In a 5-minute video featuring Anthony and Ian, Anthony told […]

You Can Now Archive Your Unwanted Instagram Posts Instead of Deleting Them

Instagram’s new “Archive” feature allows users to privatize a published photo that can be publicly published again at a later time.

What’s New on Netflix in June 2017

Netflix is seeing a slew of new releases on its streaming service, including the ever-popular Orange is the New Black, among other television shows and movies. Here are the new titles, by date:

Change Comes to Netflix’s Rating System

Netflix has been testing a new system to rate content from their streaming catalog, and after positive results, they’ve made a change.

Twitter’s Infamous Egg Avatar Has Been Replaced

What has been the face of Twitter trolls and newbies alike for 7 years is now a thing of the past, as Twitter drops the egg as their default profile photo and replaces it with a generic portrait figure.

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Rises to Become World’s Second Wealthiest Person

Thanks to a rise in its stock price, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is the world’s 2nd wealthiest person.

What’s New on Netflix in April 2017

These are the movies and TV shows that will be available to stream on Netflix beginning in April.